First published on in 2001

Individual Tax Return Checklist

Common work-related claims made by individuals

The following outlines common types of deductible expenses claimed by individual taxpayers, such as employees, rental property owners, plus some strategies that can be adopted to increase deductions for the 2016 income year.

Depreciable plant costing $300 or less.

Salary and wage earners and rental property owners will be entitled to an immediate deduction if plant costing $300 or less is purchased before 1 July 2016.

Some purchases you might like to consider include:

Travel expenses

Prepay work-related travel prior to the end of the income year, such as:

Clothing expenses

Purchase or pay for work-related clothing expenses prior to the end of the income year, such as:

Self education expenses

Purchase the following self education items before the end of the income year;